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How to Use "For Sale".

Hopefully the name is self explanatory and everyone catches on quickly.

This is a "Classified Ads" page where MARCA or members post Radio related equipment For SALE to other members and the public.

If you're interested in an item, make a bid. The seller will be sent an email with your bid and contact information. The owner should respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Members may post personal Radio related items for sale. The Menu Item called "For Sale" is open to the General Public and members to view & shop (no login required).

The "For Sale" link " " can be shared and promoted & advertised to other clubs & hams.

Only a MARCA member can create and post an Item for Sale. Of course, friends of members can have their radio treasures posted by members, no problems. Member's ads do not need to be "approved", the posting is immediately published on the For Sale page. To create an ad you must be a member and logged in. Click on the "For Sale" menu button, after the For Sale page loads, a dropdown menu will appear when the mouse cursor "hovers" over Garage button. Click on "Write an Ad". Next, fill in the "blanks". Hovering the cursor over the "field" name will pop up more detail explaination of what should be "populated" in the blank field. Click "Save".  Check the ad, click on Garage, find your ad, open it by clicking on it, and review smiley and if it's OK yes continue to your next interest.

Of course, you will probably fat finger or just make a "mistake" sad and need to do a correction, maybe a few times to your Ad until you get it right. You will only be able to "edit" your own Ads. To edit your ad, Click on the For Sale button and then hover the cursor over the button, a drop down menue will appear, "click" on the "My Ads - Edit" button. Select the ad you want to edit, make changes, and click "Save". Check the ad by going back to the Garage page and looking at your ad. "Repeat" the edit process until your happy smiley or furstrated crying

If you want to create an Ad, Go through the process. The worst that can happen is the ad gets messed up, you can't fix it, and you "Delete It". The best case is you post your Ad.

This is a simple & basic Classified Ads program. Yet it has some good features. Yes, try adding a picture of the item. Add some details in the description of the item. Then, try making a bid, see if the owner receives an email. Try making a bid on someone else's item.

Contact the Webmaster if you need further assistance.