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How to Join the MARCA Yahoo Group
After you have submitted your membership and paid dues, it is recommended that you join the MARCA Yahoo group at .
To join the group you must first have a Yahoo account. 
Then go to the group site and click the Join this group button and follow the instructions. Approval to Join is manual and one of the club Officers will review your request and Approve. This could take a day depending on which officer receives a Yahoo notice and is able to verify your membership.
If you are not a club member, then fill out a membership application, available on the MARCA website by clicking on About Us >> Membership Application. You can then download the application.
The Yahoo group is primarily used as an "Email Reflector". It is setup to allow members to send an email to the Group Reflector and it will be auto posted as a message. The Reflector will then email the contents of that posting to all registered members of the group. Many open notices or reminders are made using this Group feature. Official notices are sent from the club website to registered member and or registered guests. The Reflector is used as a alternate.
There are some orphaned or abandoned "files" that have not been cleaned up. Some of the files are files uploaded as attachments or reference to posted messages.
Basically the only purpose for the Yahoo Groups is the email reflector. 
It is recommended if you are a member to also register on the sit. All official notices and Documents are filed on the website. Many areas o the website is open to the public. Registered members have full access. Since the site is partially open to the public, There are some articles posted on the front page that can only be viewed when you login. The same is true of the website library, some areas have restricted access for registered members only.