W7MOT DStar White Tank

Found wthin this category is the complete collection of W7MOT DStar documentation. DStar is a more complex system of repeaters, servers and internet. As such, this category is organized differently and stands outside the "Repeater" Category which contains the varrious repeaters and site documentation. Different areas of this category have access or viewing restrictions depending on the viewers status: general public, registered guests, registered members, site engineers, admins, officers, and technical committee. Within this DStar category users, admins, and site engineers will find documents across the spectrium of this system which includes; User Instructions & Information, Policies & Guidelins, User and Administrator Processes, Design & Engineering, Site Installation, Operational Notes, User & Admin Tests, and other. 

Contact any of the DStar Administators or the Webmaster f you are having difficulties accessing aras of this Category and believe you should. You can find contact information on this website under "Contact Us".

W7MOT-A    1271.900mhz     Voice

W7MOT-A    1299.900mhz     Data

W7MOT-B    440.8125mhz     Voice

W7MOT-C    145.135mhz      Voice

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