Here are some interesting demographics on our registered population.

(remember, one only registeres on ONE Dstar Gateway, and the reason for registering with a particular site at the time of registeration may have changed several times. So the reason today is not necessarily the reason at the time of registration.)

History of W7MOT operations:

Registration requests is yet another interesting growth activity different from users.
The registration process validates US Trust Directory, FCC License, Email confirmation, MARCA or ARA membership, and Administrators Discression Factor.
Year Requests Approved
2007         2               2
2008        22            15
2009        25            16

Over this same time period there have been many changes to DStar.

And several external services were added:

And how did the rest of the world compare?

All of this could not possibly be accomplished by any one individual.
(hopefully, I've not left overlooked someone's active participation)
N7ZPY           AC7FN          W7JSW
KD7KDO        KD7DCA        N0RMZ
N7TWW        N7MK             N7ISR
KC7KMP        K7LKL            WB9EXL
N7ZVJ           N7UV             KE7FEH
KE7FEG        W7ITM           KE7CLI
AC7R           KJ7KY             KD7CAC

The administrators of W7MOT are:

What do Administrators Do?

What are we going to do this next year?

  1. It's been suggested to start a DStar NET of some kind or subject.
  2. We need to have some type of "Repeater Linking Process" and method to request links quickly.
  3. DStar Newsletter with Happenings and Contests

What should we do with our DStar system. Go to >> Forum >> ( Dstar and share what you think we need. You must be a least a "registered GUEST" or "Registered MARCA" to view and post Forum "threads and replies".