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July 2021 General Membership Zoom Meeting ....

General Membership meetings are open to all MARCA members, guests, and those interested in Amateur Radio.


The next Meeting is Tuesday July 20th 2021 @ 18:30 MST


And again... This will be a Zoom Meeting NOT a Hybrid In-Person at Denny's.


In-Person meetings will resume NOT next month, August, but the following month, September, on Tuesday September 21st @ 6:00pm at Denny's located at 825 S 48th Street, Tempe, Arizona 85281 . See You All Then and There!


Check In & Tune UP for some ZOOM TIME with Chit Chat Greetings ...... 6:00 PM local MST

Start TIME for Business Meeting ... call to order ...... 6:30 PM local MST

The VE Testing Sessions continue to be On-HOLD into the near future.  Keep checking  here & ARRL website .... for updates on VE Schedule.  

How to Join the MARCA Zoom Meeting:

To join ... a Zoom Meeting is simple, from your PC, click on the link below. If you have never participated in a Zoom video conference, just trust the instructions on screen, a few applications will be added to your PC, just allow them, then enter the Meeting ID and Pwd. Mute your Audio ( there is an icon for that to click). Don't panic when things don't happen instantly, be patient with the process of getting started. If you are first to connect, it will be lonesome with nothing seemingly happening. The magic starts when flickers of light and a face appears followed by "hello".....
Zoom meeting Link:
Meeting ID:  ID: 829 3599 3035
Password:  443050
Dave, n7zpy, remains our Zoom Net Control Greeting Host [conference administrator / with Brian's, ak7f, assistance].
Meeting agenda is below.
Click the link to see & read the meeting agenda.... it is ever changing upto & during the meeting.
Meeting Agenda for 20 July 2021
Zoom Net Control ... Check-In; (Dave, n7zpy).
Welcome; (Norm, aa7oo).
Presentation:  "The Ins & Outs of 10 Meters" by Eric thomason, N6SPP (Ray, k4rmv).
Business Meeting
Minutes:  June 2021 (Norm, aa7oo).
Treasurer's Summary Report: July 2021 (Don Aldridge, wa7rll).
VE Testing Report <suspended until resuming in-person meetings> (Ray, k4rmv).
QSTs (Norm, aa7oo).
Old Business (Norm, aa7oo)
New Business (Norm, aa7oo)
Close Net; (Norm, aa7oo).