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Google Groups Now Hosting TinyTrak [or TT4]

Not many of us are actively playing or using APRS these days even though MARCA has many operational APRS repeaters on several major mountain tops around Arizona.

WOW! I didn't know that!

Many MARCA members were early adapters and help spread the popularity of APRS.

Some of us were quick to adapt a compact APRS device called the TT4 or TinyTrak 4. The TT4 does many of the functions of the defacto KPC-3 and KPC-3plus.  This device is still one of the more popular APRS devices. It has gone through updates and modifications over the years. Anyone having invested in this little device knows how powerful it is and adaptable to stationary as well as mobile & portable applications.


WOW! I didn't know that!


Well maybe its time to take a few minutes break from calling CQ de ...  and catch up. Maybe you have some of the old links for the TT4 or TinyTrak or ... Byonics .... And maybe time has just really left you in the dark .... Did you know Yahoo Groups is sortof old technology. Most of the old Amateur Radio Groups have all migrated to GOOGLE !!! Even MARCA has disappeared from that landscape of knowledge sharing!!!


WOW! I didn't know that!


We'll talk about MARCA Groups some other time. For now lets focus on TinyTrak ...

click here to see what you've missed in APRS goodies .... or go to this link .... .

After reviewing all this, lets have a discussion on APRS and our W7MOT APRS Repeaters. I can now see a Drone as a mobile digi-ptr..... How about an Amateur Video Podcast???


Norm, aa7oo