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July 2017 General Membership Meeting & Agenda

Tuesday, July 18th 2017 @ 6:30 PM (3rd Tuesday of the month)

June, July, & August many members are out of town and meetings are lightly attended.

Presentation: TBD

Meeting location:   New Location

Denny's Tempe
825 S 48th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Located on the South East section of University Dr and 48th Street.
Access is only from 48th Street, NOT the Hohokam Freeway (AZ 143). South bound 48th Street is just EAST of the Hohokam Fwy (exit and entrance intersections) on South side of University. Driving south bound on 48th Street, the parking entrance is the first LEFT; or if North bound on 48th St from Broadway Rd, the last RIGHT before University Dr.
Plenty of lighted parking.

Meetings start at 6:30 pm ; typically 2 hours in duration.

Meetings are open to anyone interested in Amateur Radio, any particular presentation of interest, MARCA Members of course, any any friends and family. There's alway opprotunity to open a discussion topic on just about any thing related to amateur radio or just plain ol chit chat about the weather.

Come early, socialize, and have a bite to eat.

Meeting Agenda (Always a work in progress): continually updated as the meeting approaches. To include a topic for the agenda, or input to a topic, contact Norm Johnson, aa7oo, President, or Dave Hall, n7zpy, Vice President.

Click the "Read More .... " to see Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda.

Welcome, Call to Order (Dave, n7zpy).

Introductions ; Members & Guests (Dave, n7zpy).

Program:  TBD (Dave, n7zpy).

Break (5-10 minutes)

Business Meeting

Approve Minutes for June 2017 (Dave, n7zpy).

Treasurer's Report for June 2017 (Don, wa7rll).

QSTs (Paul, kj7ky).

  • Hamfests (
    • White Mountain Hamfest, 22 July 2017, 7AM-Noon, Woodland Park, Pinetop, AZ.
    • Copafest 2017, 28 October 2017, Ak-Chin Circle, 16000 N Maricopa Road, Maricopa, AZ.
    • Thunderbird Hamfest, 13 January 2018, Northwest Community Church, 16615 N 43rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ.
    • <enter new Hamfest here>
  • MARCA Members housekeeping: email of record;
    • with Treasurer & Secretary;
  • STEM scQRPions, 2nd Tue Month, 7-9pm, Heat Sync Labs, Main St., Mesa, Az.
  • <enter new QST here>
  • QSTs from the floor.

Old Business (Norm, aa7oo).

  • Membership Report (Don, wa7rll).
  • ARRL Field Day 2017 summary (Don, wa7rll)
  • VE Testing - MARCA VE members signup with Ed. Overview of Program (Ed, k5ola).
  • <enter missed old business item here>

New Business (Norm, aa7oo).

  • <enter new business item here>
  • From the floor.

Group Activities

  • (Discussion Phase) CW Skills & Traffic Handling (TD, n7isr; Erik, k7tv; Norm, aa7oo).
  • Raspberry Pi - 10 participants, 7 session @ Chandler Library, contact TD (TD, n7isr).
  • <enter new Group here>

Project Reports

  • Echolink Project Update (TD, n7isr; Norm, aa7oo);
  • W7MOT Dstar G3 Upgrade (Norm, aa7oo; Paul, kd7kdo; Ron, wb9exl)
  • W7MOT-9 Pinal Pk 1200 packet digi 145.010MHz (Dave, n7zpy).
  • <enter new project here>

Elmers: (subject matter experts, resources, and assistance contacts)

  • SDR (Norm, aa7oo).
  • APRS (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • Mesh BBHamnet (Paul, kj7ky).
  • DX (Don, wa7rll).
  • CW (open).
  • FMT (Dusty, aa7oo).
  • Emcom (open).
  • CERT (open).
  • VE Testing & Training (Ed, k7ola, Ray k4rmv).
  • VEs (Majdi, n0rmz; Norm, aa7oo; TD, n7isr; Ray, k4rmv; Ed, k7ola; Paul, kj7ky).
  • <add Subject and Elmers here>

Technical Committee (Majdi, n0rmz).

  • Repeater Documentation; website repository. (Majdi, n0rmz, Norm, aa7oo).
  • Site Issues
    • GD 33, 34, 35 : RLC benched for repairs; (Jim, ac7fn).
    • Chandler Arcom controller needs cpu & firmware upgrade and re-programming; (TD, n7isr).
    • W7MOT-15 900mhz still has receiver issues with sensitivity & receiver error lite; (TD, n7isr).
    • WT Dstar site power cycling issues; server UPS weak; (Paul, kd7kdo).
    • W7MOT Station License posting; (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Repeater Reports (Site Managers)
    • [20 rptrs, 6 VHF, 8 UHF, 3 33cm, 2 23cm]
    • [8 Voice, 5 APRS, 2 packet, 1 Fusion, 4 Dstar/APRS 134 users]
    • W7MOT-3  VHF White Tank APRS (Paul, kd7kdo);
    • W7MOT-4  UHF White Tank APRS (Paul, kd7kdo);
    • W7MOT-6  VHF White Tank Packet (Paul, kd7kdo);
    • W7MOT-8 VHF Mt Elden APRS (Mark, kc7kmp);
    • W7MOT-8 VHF Packet (Mark, kc7kmp);
    • W7MOT-10 VHF Mt Ord - APRS (dave, n7zpy);
    • W7MOT-11 UHF Mt Ord - APRS (dave, n7zpy);
    • W7MOT-14 UHF Chandler Hospital (TD, n7isr);
    • W7MOT-15 33cm Chandler Hospital (TD, n7isr); 
    • W7MOT-24 UHF South Mt (Jim, ac7fn);
    • W7MOT-25 33cm South Mt (Jim, ac7fn);
    • W7MOT-33 VHF Hayden GD (Tom, ke7tm);
    • W7MOT-34 UHF Hayden GD (Tom, ke7tm);
    • W7MOT-35 33cm Hayden GD (Tom, ke7tm);
    • W7MOT-37 UHF Fusion Scottsdale (Ron, wb9exl);
    • W7MOT-52 UHF 52nd St (Rod, w7ekv);
    • W7MOT A 23cm White Tank (Paul, kd7kdo);
    • W7MOT D 23cm White Tank (Paul, kd7kdo);
    • W7MOT B UHF  White Tank (Paul, kd7kdo);
    • W7MOT C VHF  White Tank (Paul, kd7kdo);

Open to the Floor


Break (take 10 minutes)

Program: TBD (Dave, n7zpy)