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October 2019 General Membership Meeting & Agenda

Tuesday, October 15th 2019 @ 6:30 PM (3rd Tuesday of the month)

Presentation: Lithium Battery Behavior, by Norm Johnson, aa7oo

VE Testing Session: (Click ARRL for Registration Info; Tuesday, June 18th at 1700hrs by Ed Olague, k5ola)

Meeting location: 

Denny's Tempe
825 S 48th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Located on the South East section of University Dr and 48th Street.
Access is only from 48th Street, NOT the Hohokam Freeway (AZ 143). South bound 48th Street is just EAST of the Hohokam Fwy (exit and entrance intersections) on South side of University. Driving south bound on 48th Street, the parking entrance is the first LEFT; or if North bound on 48th St from Broadway Rd, the last RIGHT before University Dr.
Plenty of lighted parking.

Meetings start at 6:30 pm ; typically 2 hours in duration.

Meetings are open to anyone interested in Amateur Radio, any particular presentation of interest, MARCA Members of course, any any friends and family. There's alway opprotunity to open a discussion topic on just about any thing related to amateur radio or just plain ol chit chat about the weather.

Come early, socialize, and have a bite to eat.

Meeting Agenda (Always a work in progress): continually updated as the meeting approaches. To include a topic for the agenda, or input to a topic, contact  Dave Hall, n7zpy, President, or Norm Johnson, aa7oo, Vice President.

Click the "Read More ....  link at right" to see the full Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Welcome, Call to Order (Dave, n7zpy).

Introductions ; Members & Guests (Dave, n7zpy).

Business Meeting

Approve Minutes September_2019 (Dave, n7zpy).

Treasurer's Report for October 2019 (Don, wa7rll).

Membership Report  (Don, wa7rll).

QSTs (Dave, n7zpy).

Old Business (Dave, n7zpy).

New Business (Dave, n7zpy).

Group Activities

Project Reports

Elmers: (subject matter experts, resource, and assistance contacts)

Technical Committee (Majdi, n0rmz).

Review open maintenance and repair issues discussion for sites. Need for any work parties and site visits. 

Maintenance Discussion
Repeater Issues
White Tanks:
        DStar Server 12vdc Replacement
        DStar Gateway UPS
        DStar AC and DC Power Controllers
        Update documentation
    W7MOT-6 Packet
        Frequency change to 145.010

Open to the Floor


Break (take 10 minutes)

Program:  Lithium Batteries, by Norm Johnson, aa7oo ; (Norm, aa7oo).