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How to Report a Repeater Problem, Issue, or Comment to MARCA

MARCA has several repeaters located on mountain tops in Central Arizona and in the Phoenix Valley area. Listed on this website from main menu >>Repeaters>>Repeater List or >>Repeaters>>Repeater Map.

Repeaters are open to all Licensed Amateur Radio operators. The repeaters include Voice, APRS, Packet, DStar, and Fusion. They operate in the 2 meter, 70 centimeter, 900 MHz, and 1.2 GHz bands. Each repeater has different complexities besides the basics of power, repeater, and antenna. With complexity comes problems. Our repeaters are designed for reliability to handle power failures and environments such as mountain tops or commerical building. 

First, MARCA has a team approach to managing, operating, and repair restoration of repeater problems.

  • The team organization around the Site (location), Repeater (RF repeater system), System Level (such as APRS, Packet, DStar),
  • Technical Committee Chair who is responsible for overeseeing all site & repeater operations.
  • Each repeater site has a Site Manager who oversees all repeaters located at the site.
  • Each repeater has a Engineer who is reponsible for the configuration and operational design.
  • Repeater's may also have a Site Administrator, such as DStar who oversees the day to day user issues & using the system features.
  • Repeater systems such as APRS, Packet, and DStar have multiple Engineers that specialize on different parts of the Network Service.

Amateur Radio Operators who use one of MARCA's repeaters is a mixed group, where some typically don't know who owns a repeater or who to contact; and those that are very familar with MARCA, members and contacts. One thing in common is everyone know's the call W7MOT.

To take away some of the mystery of who to contact at MARCA, an On-Line reporting system is in place.

Anyone that would like to report a problem, or has an operational question, or would like to comment can do so;

Go to the site and navigate  to >>Repeaters>>Report A Repeater Problem .

Select the Repeater to report from the dropdown list.

Select the urgency of report from the dropdown list.

Provide a description of the trouble. Provide date & time; a description of the problem you're experiencing; where are you operating from (home or mobile), what type of radio (home station, mobile, HT), power, antenna, & and weather.

Enter your name & call.

Enter your email. You may also check the box to receive an emailed copy of your report.

Click SEND button.

The report will be automatically sent to all the Site Managers for resolution.

Since all Site Mangers will receive the report, it is not uncommon for the first reader to take action and begin the process.

If you provided your email; you will be notified with an acknowledgement and thank you.

Updates will continue until the Report is resolved.

If time permits, information will be passed to the webmaster and Repeater Report status posted.

<<updated on 12/17/2020 by webmaster>>.