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Repeater List and Map Feature
One of the primary public services MARCA provides several mountain top Repeaters in central Arizona covering the entire Phoenix Valley area.
There are two methods of looking up MARCA Repeaters; in a List Matrix and on a Map. Each feature provides a different view with different degrees of detail information. 
The List Matrix is a static listing of MARCA repeaters by Call ID, frequency, offset, PL tone, location (general), and use. 
The list matrix is not linked with the MAP feature. The List and MAP should agree. They are maintained in separate databases. Not ideal but functionally provides a cross check. 
The Map feature contains both a Index Listing of repeaters by "Name & Location" and a Map with Balloons icons with "letter" references corresponding to the Index Listings.
Hovering the "mouse" cursor over a listing balloon on the legend, will open a summary information box at the respective MAP Location.
Clicking on a Listing balloon will open a detailed information box at the respective MAP location.
Clicking on a MAP balloon will open a detailed information box at the respective MAP location.
The MAP can be zoomed in and out. Use the zoom slider.
The MAP can be either a MAP (default view) or Satellite MAP.
Information included in the List Matrix and MAP is provided by the respective repeater's Site Manager and Site Engineer.
If errors are found in "content" provided on any repeater documentation on either the List or MAP; Contact the Webmaster, Trustee, Site Manager, Site Engineer, any Officer, or member.
If you have any further questions about the List Matrix or MAP, contact the Webmaster >>About Us >> Contact Us >> Webmaster.
Norm, aa7oo