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Breadcrumbs or <<You Are Here:>>

Located just below the Main Menu bar, it is a long line sequence of menu button names. It looks like this:



You may want to keep this breadcrumb as a map tool. As you navigate the site using the Main Menu buttons and drop down menu items ..... the site tracks where you are "currently" on the site ...... Its exactly as you may imagine, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs the from the moment you leave "Home", the Home Page. The Breadcrumbs references all the highlighted memu items that would be highlighted and finaly clicked on to the current page being displayed.

Hint: all of the button names are "links". Clicking on one will navigate you directly to that button's respective page. You may navigate backwards one step or page at a time OR you can click on the Home to be redirected directly to the Home Page. The Home Page is the "starting place".

Breadcrumb tools are used on may websites, not all, and some users fine them time saving for browsing backwards two steps and then forward again on a different path.

Its not the same as the "Back" button which takes you back to the last page actually displayed. For each click of the Back button, the display goes back to the URL previously displayed. The Back button is a breadcrumb too, but only for displayed pages.

The Breadcrumb tool contains all the menu URLs that are not actually pages, but navigation of stepping stones starting at the home page to the page your view. Use the breadcrumb links instead of the Main Menu drop downs and highlighted items.

Try it if you haven't used one before. I use it frequently to backup the menu train and make new selections. Might save you a few seconds or some memory searching of the Menu trees.