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February 2023 General Membership Meeting

Meetings are open to all Amateurs, Interested Visitors, and of course all MARCA members.
When: Tuesday February 21st 2023 @ 18:30 MST
Arrive early, say 18:00 MST, order a Denny's Special; or check-into ZOOM early; check-in & Introduce yourself. There's always an opportunity to open a discussion on just about any topic related to amateur radio or just plain chit chat about the weather. When arriving early, please be considerate if License Exam Session is in progress.
Presentation: TBD.
License Exam Session: begins @ 5:00pm; you should be pre-registered, have FRN, & exam fee of $15 [cash only please].
Where: This will be a  "In Person" Meeting at Denny's with ... Zoom for remote attendance.
Location of both the Meeting & License Exam Session:
(continue to check website and Meeting Reminder email for any Location change) 
Denny's Tempe
825 S 48th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281
 ZOOM will be available for those unable to attend In-Person.
Zoom Meeting connection details:
Zoom Link: click HERE
Meeting ID:  829 3599 3035
Password:  443050
Dave, n7zpy, is Zoom Net Control & Greeting Host [ZOOM ... thanks Brian, ak7f].

Click the link below to see Agenda...

 Meeting Agenda for Tuesday February 21st 2023

[agenda subject to change when meeting is 'Called to Order'}
Zoom Net Control ... Check-In starts about 6:00 pm-ish MST; (Net Control is Dave, n7zpy).
Meeting Call to Order & Welcome [6:30 pm]; (Ray, k4rmv).
VE Session News:introductions, and welcome: (Ray, k4rmv).
Presentation:  TBD ; (Ray, k4rmv).
Business Meeting
  • Approve Minutes: January 2023 Minutes : (Ray, k4rmv).
  • Treasurer's Summary Report: January 2023 ; (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Membership Report: January 2023 ; (Norm, aa7oo).
  • 2023 New Membership Introductions and Approval (Norm, aa7oo).
QSTs (Ray, k4rmv).
ADAW Newsletter: send any Club activities to .. (Clark, KI7TU).
Amazon Smiles Update; please set MARCA as your Amazon Non-Profit. (Norm, aa7oo).
MARCA 2023 Dues are "Deliquent" March 31st 2023; (Norm, aa7oo).
MARCA Members: update your "email & profile of record" on w7mot.org & then email Treasurer.
QSTs from the floor.
Old Business (Ray, k4rmv)
    • MARCA 2023 member dues are still being accepted; (Norm, aa7oo).
    • MARCA Technology Net; status; (Tony, kb7u).
    • Membership Initiatives ... VE Testing, ZOOM Tech Net, Repeater Tech Net; (Ray, k4rmv).
    • NavSpaSur Site Visit update; (Norm, aa7oo).
    • Membership Expansion Ideas: (Ray, k4rmv).
      • Attendance; in-person raffle; (Ray, k4rmv).
    • <enter missed old business item(s) here>.
Committee Reports (Ray, k4rmv).
    • VE Testing Update: (Ray, k4rmv).
    • Membership Initiatives: (Ray, k4rmv)
      • Membership Initiatives ... VE Testing, ZOOM Tech Net, Repeater Tech Net; (Ray, k4rmv)..
    • Technical Committee: (Dave, n7zpy).
      • Issues List ; (Dave, n7zpy).
      • Repeater Site Managers: (Dave, n7zpy).
    • Public Relations: (Clark, ki7tu).
      • ADAW editor:  (Clark, ki7tu).
      • Facebook: (Norm, aa7oo).
    • Contest Committee: (Paul, kd7kdo).
      • Field Day 2023: (Paul, kd7kdo).
    • W7MOT QSL Card Manager: [Ray, k4rmv].
    • Website: (Norm, aa7oo)
      • Contact Us is working [email].
    • <enter new item(s) here>.
Repeater Maintenance & Problem Status Reports (Ray, k4rmv)
    • DStar update & status; (Paul, kd7kdo; Norm, aa7oo).
      • Cellular Hotspot continues to be stable.
      • Email Notifications of Registrations, Problems, Reports
      • Gateway Certificate updated
      • Repeaters not Transmitting - Controller Issue.
    • W7MOT-8 Mt. Elden 1200 Packet; (Mark, kc7kmp).
    • .
    • <enter new item(s) here>.
Projects & Status (Ray, k4rmv)
  • 24th_St [Chandler Phase 2]; (Paul, kd7kdo; Tom, ke7cli; Dave, n7zpy).
    • Site Survey; Coordination; Installation (Antenna & Repeater systems).
  • 2023 Field Day Committee Volunteers: (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • Field Day 2023 Preparation Projects: (Paul, kd7kdo).
    • Antennas: [80m, 40m 6m, 20m 10m, other, volunteers]
    • Alternative Power: [solar, battery, wind, class , volunteer]
    • Station Shelters: [more ideas, volunteer]
    • Station Configurations: [2A. 1A. 100W, QRP, CW, FTx, Logging, more, & need volunteers]
    • Location Recommendation: [Gentry Fire Tower Group Site] 
    • ARRL FD Class Recommendation: [2A, 1A, QRP, CW, FTx, other & some volunteers]
    • Winter Field Day: [Testing above, Ideas wanted, interest, & volunteers]
  • New project: OnSimi 52nd St - Phase 1; (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • New project: 52nd Site Relocation - Phase 2;  (Paul, kd7kdo).
  • Inventory; (Norm, aa7oo).
  • Work Party Storage Re-Organization & Cleanup: (Dave, n7zpy).
  • <enter new item(s) here>.
New Business (Ray, k4rmv)
  • Formal Committees & Chairs; (see below section) (Ray, k4rmv).
  • Issues List ; (Dave, n7zpy).
  • <enter new business item here>.
Proposed New Agenda re-Organization:( Norm, aa7oo ).
Committee Reports; [By-Laws] ; ( Ray, k4rmv ).
Contest Committee: ( Paul, kd7kdo ).
Education Committee: ( <name>, <call> ).
Emergency Committee: ( <name>, <call> ).
Interference Trustee: ( Norm, aa7oo ).
Membership Committee: ( <name>, <call> ).
Nomination Committee: ( Norm, aa7oo ).
Program Committee: ( Tom, ke7tm).
Project Committee: Dave, n7zpy).
Publicity Committee: ( Clark, ki7tu ).
Technical Committee: ( Dave, n7zpy ).
Open to the Floor
Close Net; (Dave, n7zpy).